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In an era of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.  Yukon Jack is the most radical writer on the internet, telling the most uncomfortable truths about this hell reality.

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Zionist Traitors Infest Amerika

amerikan zionist infestation

Police state Amerika is filled to the brim with Zionist traitors.  They must be removed, Zionism must be crushed, all Jews rounded up, all Christian sympathizers jailed and re-indoctrinated.  Deadly force must be used on those that resist the restoration of sanity and freedom.  Christian Zionism has spread like a deadly cancer and infects the body politic, Amerika is dying from within.  Most people would say this rhetoric is radical, but it is not, the world is being destroyed by Judaism and the greatest moral good is to confront and confine it.


All those who promote world wide Jewry and the the Jewish World Order are the enemies of America.  These Jews and Jewish converts are the problem, they are intentionally causing harm to the planet and its inhabitants.  At the center of the problem the Zionist project of Rothschild called Israel – this private fiefdom is the most harmful nation ever created, a nation that currently controls Amerika, trains it’s police who are now openly attacking and killing American citizens.

In a just and moral society the criminally insane are jailed, but in Amerika they hold positions of political power.  The state has failed to protect our rights to liberty and freedom and in fact the state has become the biggest threat to our lives.  The little parasite state of Israel get away with mass murder on 911, if it wasn’t for the widespread and devout support for Israel then we could not be abused by these modern zealots.  Christian apologists would have you believe that the New World Order, Banksters, German Death Cultists or Satanists control America – they divert your attention from the real culprit, the Jewish religions like Christianity.

Mormon Zionist Infestation Trojan Horse

Most American Christians still will not consider Israel a suspect in the 911 attacks, this is why Israel could pull 911 and get away with attacking us in broad daylight, it has a huge support group within Amerika, like the huge Mormon Church and Southern Baptists.  Every Seventh Day Adventist LOVES Israel, every Church of God attendee is required to be 100% committed to Israel.  Every Mormon is trying to be the real Jew.  The nation is insane because of the Judeo religions.

Baptists gladly welcome the police state, they are in on it with the Jews, Baptist preachers are even being hand picked and trained to carry out Israel’s agenda.  Zionism is woven into the very fabric of Amerika, and as she goes down in flames Christians applaud her demise because they secretly hated freedom all along.  SO ARE NOT CHRISTIANS OF EVERY STRIPE TRAITORS, TREASONOUS, IN LEAGUE WITH THE JEW DEVIL?


So why would the little treachorous state of Israel even think of getting away with 911 attack on it’s host nation?  Christianity, the millions and millions of devout Zionist supporters.  When you think about it, it becomes obvious that Israel could do 911 and blame Muslims and Christians in the fold of Jew lies would go along with it.  Israel’s gamble of 911 has paid off and Christians are responsible for the carnage after 911.

Not one major Christian organization in America, a nation that has 42,000 Christian denominations, has condemned Israel for 911 or committing genocide of the Palestinians.  Amerika is completely damned, the nation is under a deep Jewish spell unable to grasp reality or defend itself from Jewish predation.  As Amerika slides into the abyss, John Hagee encourages his megachurch attendees to praise Israel AND IS PERSONAL FRIEND OF BIBI NETANYAHU WHO ORDERED THE 911 ATTACK!

christians-united-for-israel traitors

The final solution to America’s problem is nuking Israel for doing 911.  Israel must be destroyed, the dream of a 1000 year reign of Jewish terrorist state must be broken, all Jews demoralized, the evil of Zion ended, the complete demoralization of the Rabbi’s dream of world domination, all those espousing Judaism hunted down and exterminated.




We all know that Israel did 911, supporting Israel is treason.  All those who refuse to wake up, all those who still support Israel are guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy.  Israel is the enemy, Israel did 911 and it is Israel that hates our freedoms.  Damn Israel.  Damn Israel to hell!  THE PLAIN TRUTH IS THAT SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL IS TREASON.


Do you understand what these Jews are trying to do to us?  Do you understand the significance of the 911 attack?  How about the attack on USS Liberty?  They are attacking our freedom, they are attacking our liberty, they are attacking our way of life.  It is Jewish influence in the United States that is the threat to liberty.


Jews and Christians allied to Israel represent an existential threat to America and all European nation, to the whole world.  It is time to say it, supporting Israel is treason, supporting Israel in any way is aiding and abetting a terrorist state.  Israel is the world’s only terrorist nation, it is Israel doing the false flag terror, it is Israel trying to take American guns away from us.


To make matters worse, 70 million Evangelical Christians in America are in love with Israel.  This is insanity, this is suicide, this is treason.  The post 911 free ride is over, supporting Israel is now treason Christian!  If you stand with Israel, you hang with Israel.  If you defend Israeli terrorism you are in on it with them and you will be treated as a terrorist sympathizer.


Hiding behind your faith doesn’t cut it, supporting Israel is just plain treason.  All Christians who still support Israel must report to Camp FEMA for re-indoctrination.  Your Jew holy book is evil.  The Jew is evil and wrote your so-called holy book, it is holy hell.  Time to be un-spelled.  Time to take the Christians to the woodshed for an attitude adjustment.


America supplies arms, aircraft, bombs, money to Israel.  This is insane.  Israel hates us, Israel wants us dead, the Jew doesn’t like us, he hates us, he hates our freedoms.  The Jew is doing everything he can to destroy us.  911 is proof of Jewish intentions.


The aftermath of what happened to us after 911 closes the case, Israel is trying to destroy us by getting us in ruinatious wars.  This is no joke, America is now bankrupt.  Osama bin Laden didn’t do this to us, he could not have destroyed our finances or freedoms.  Israel did it – Netanyahu is the key player behind the attack on our liberty.  Netanyahu is the primary threat to America, it is time to drone this son-of-a-bitch and take him out.


So what are we going to do people?  We are going to take Israel out!   We are going to nuke that shitty little sandbox back to hell.   We should have done it immediately after 911, but we are ruled by pussies and cowards, and whores of Israel.  It is time for the USAF to put bombers over Tel Aviv and turn the Jew capitol city into rubble.  It is time to nuke Jerusalem and destroy all hopes of the Rabbinic intent of world rule.


Are Jews a Threat to American National Security?


It is obvious to any reasonable thinking person in the truth movement that America has a problem, America is a nation infested with Jews who are either working for Israel and/or Rothschild.  It is plain as day obvious that these Jews are a threat to the national security of the peoples of the United States.  Unfortunately, this criminal cabal of Jews has a huge support group called Evangelical Christians who are blocking any reform toward national sovereignty.


Let us differentiate which Jew we are talking about, the disloyal American Jews who only think about Israel over their own nation state, and let us include all the Christian Jews who call themselves Zionists.  If you are not America first then we have a problem with you.  If you think Jewish sponsored terrorism is ok than you are the enemy of the people.

These traitorous Jews are systematically taking America down, if America goes down then the idea and practice of freedom may perish.  Up to the election of Trump, it did not look like America will survive the takedown – the false flags were coming fast and furious and the nation is going under and being transformed into a Jewish controlled police state.


We are to learn if Trump puts and end to the insanity of Jewish crimes against us, will Trump stop the false flag attacks on American freedom?  Will Trump investigate 911 and Sandy Hook?  Will Trump order the FBI to round up the fakers and false flaggers who are systematically taking America down?  Or is Trump a Jewish Trojan horse who filled his swamp with Likudniks?

In order to stop Jews there is one main thing that must be done, the Federal Reserve must be nationalized.  The American state must issue the currency.  Trump must first audit the Fed then make steady progress in nationalizing the private Jewish bank and remove Jews from issuing our currency.


The second most important thing to do is remove all the Zionist Neocons from state.  All Jews loyal to Israel first must not be allowed to work within the United States Government.


Thirdly, if Trump is to restore sovereignty, then the Jewish control of the press must end, the state must seize this organ for itself, in other words the USG must take control of CNN from Jews/Zionists/CIA agents.


Fourth, the CIA and FBI and other police agencies must be transformed or abandoned.  The police must work for the people and not a foreign state.  All police agencies who have cooperated with Israel must be put under investigation.


Fifthly, traitorous pastors like John Hagee must be arrested and executed for treason.  No Evangelical has any right to support Israel because Israel is the enemy, Israel did 911, an act of war against our peoples.  All Evangelicals must be put on the terror watch list as potential enemies of state.


Furthermore, the tax free status of religion must end.  We don’t need our people under the Abrahamic spell, the Bible must be made visible as Jewish propaganda, the evil god Yahweh outlawed as if it were the plague, because in fact it is a memetic virus, and more deadly than any biological virus.

the world must overcome the abrahamic spell and nuke israel

Finally, in order to secure freedom for our children, Rothschild’s private estate called Israel must be bombed off the map.  Israel must be made no more.  This may sound extreme but it is straight talk.  Israel did 911, it is Israel that is the enemy of the American state, and we know from the long history of Jewish extremist behavior that the Jews will never stop being Jewish, nor will they ever be a reasonable people who can live in peace with others.  Thus the USA and the world has no choice but to liquidate Israel and create a new Palestine, a state with no Jews in control.



Federal Reserve Building













Revolutionary Metaphysics

Gentlemen, it is time to start your engines and prepare to let loose the dogs of war. Gentlemen it is time to stop being gentlemen and time to become lions in defense of your nation. The nation I am referring to is not the usurping corporation called The United States of America, I am talking about your nation, the nation that doesn’t exist anymore because it was usurped by tyrants. The nation I am thinking has the same ideals of the founders, things haven’t changed, liberty is still liberty and tyranny still tyranny, the wheel has come full circle.

America was born in revolution because it was a revolutionary idea that others didn’t want to exist – the king wants you to be his slave. Modern tyrants are no different, they want unarmed slaves and thus we have to fight for our right of freedom again. Bloodshed is the cards, Americans are arming themselves, the government is unable to false flag its way to any meaningful gun confiscation, every plot immediately uncovered by an army of internet activists, the situation is careening toward open armed conflict of the people vs. the corrupt illegitimate Federal government. The obvious question is why the revolution hasn’t started.

Revolution 2.0

Everyone agrees the 2nd American Revolution is far overdue. We have waited to long and been to timid in the defense of liberty and justice, both now gone, we witness the horror of the unfolding police state. The daily injustices only furthers our resolve to take action, the stage is being set, our rage will become a fury upon them. Revolutions happen, the Universe is conspiring for this revolution to happen, you are being given a gift to remake the world in a new image, one that represents your values and not that of banksters and other vermin. They are acting out their part in this play, they actually think they have tightened the noose to the point that they can sic their dogs on us without repercussions. Little do they know about metaphysics. Little do they know how freedom burns within our hearts.

If you are not looking forward to taking action against the criminal class then step aside, many of us are and are impatiently waiting for the opening shot and a chance to act. You must be mentally ready to take out those in uniform, you must overcome the meme of authority, you must understand to the core of your being that those who don a uniform represent authoritarianism and are the enemy of freedom.

This is your country because you live here, it is not a surrogate state of Israhell or world bankers or the Crown. All those usurpers have their appointed day of hell awaiting them when they are arrested, tried for treason or better yet, immediately shot dead on sight. Either way, they can not exist in the new world that we decide upon. Before this revolution is over, missiles shall fly into those entities that have create all this terror on the world, like the Rothschilds estates and their banks and their minion class. They must have done to them what they are doing to others. Either way, we can not exist with them, they are a cancer to the Republic, they must be cut out with extreme prejudice.

The revolution is a culling process, it is part of evolution of the specie, it is when the moral part decides to cut off the diseased part and cast it aside. Revolution is the highest moral calling, it is spiritual duty, it is how you rise from slavery and become divine. Have no fear, it is our destiny to do this work, we incarnated for this fight. All beings have the right of self defense, revolution in the defense of self autonomy, which is a Universal principle and thus will be honored by the Universe. If you fight a revolution based on spiritual principles then you can not lose, you will be assisting the Divine in driving out the evil force. The Zionist evil will be driven from this planet, it is the malevolent force destroying world civilization.

This fight between good and evil is eternal, it is the one thing in the Universe that profoundly allows you to define your being, from the viewpoint of a soul’s evolution a political revolution is the greatest gift, at no other time in history can you define your being with such intensity. Battleground earth is the greatest game around. Everyone pick a side, this realm is only a hologram and our beings are eternal. Death is an illusion, it is only a pass out of the simulation. The greatest mistake is to think that something external will rescue us from our own folly. The game exists for you to engage.

Some of mankind’s greatest poems are about this process, in the The Bhagavad Gita (a chapter of the epic tale of creation, the Mahabharata) is about a conversation between Lord Krishna and his talented bowman Arjuna, the hero. The Gita is considered to be one of humanities greatest literature achievements on lessons of spirituality, the entire tale is about civil war as a way to purify the society. Krishna instructs Arjuna, in order for life to exist, good must triumph evil. The tale is really about man’s oversoul instructing the conscious mind about the process of human spiritual evolution.

Arjuna is up against all odds, he has to take on political corruption, he is distraught that he has to kill his friends and relatives, before the battle he calls out to god in anguish. Krishna appears to him and instructs the doubting soldier on the bigger picture, he instructs him in yogic knowledge, that he shouldn’t let his mind get in the way of this fight, that his karmic purpose of his life is to engage the enemy because they have it coming because of their evil deeds.

Krishna teaches Arjuna that he must kill his own relatives in order for life to exist, the Divine arranged the fight, quit thinking so much. lol Krishna basically tells him to quit dilly-dallying and engage, that god wants him to fight, get going and have at it, and by the way, good luck. Really that’s what the Gita is about.

So what are we waiting for? Each person is concerned about their survival and there is no guarantee that they will survive engagement. Well, that is one reason for the delay, the other is we don’t believe in principles anymore because we’ve been seduced by centuries of prosperity. We have become materialists. We have a lot to lose, so we are in the midst of the hope dope, hoping that things turn out better, heck most of us still owe the bank. An inherent self correcting process to a system gone haywire makes intuitive sense, there must be a mechanism for the system to self correction otherwise evil would of taken over a long time ago. Evil now flourishes because those in power have learned to counter the corrective mechanism, they have corrupted society from within so that normally good people are unable to resist their tyranny. How can society fight evil when they have been seduced by it? We have so much to lose, but we are losing it all, when it is all gone we will turn within and fight.

Waiting for the Opening Salvo

Patience is a virtue, it is only a matter of time until the capacitor fully charges then the discharge – the lightning bolt of righteous anger unleashed on the criminal class and their minions. It will be a sight to behold, the day that fear dissipates and those being abused strike back with ferocity. I can’t wait to see the look in their faces. It hasn’t happened yet, the bully is kicking sand in the face of Mr. and Mrs. America and most are just getting an inkling what us conspiracy theorists have been uncovering for decades. The program of dumbing down has been wildly successful, but the dead are awakening. The American soul is awakening, the process of revolution is the return of the soul and once again taking control of the material gone decadent. This is described perfectly in George Washington’s Third Peril:

“Instantly a light as of a thousand suns shone down from above me and pierced and broke into fragments the dark cloud which enveloped America. At the same moment the angel upon whose head still shone the word Union, and who bore our national flag in one hand and a sword in the other, descended from the heavens attended by legions of white spirits. These immediately joined the inhabitants of America, who I perceived were nigh well overcome, but who immediately taking courage again, closed up their broken ranks and renewed the battle.”

“Again amid the fearful noise of the conflict, I heard the mysterious voice saying, ‘Son of the Republic, look and learn.’ As the voice ceased, the shadowy angel for the last time dipped water from the ocean and sprinkled it upon America. Instantly the dark cloud rolled back, together with the armies it had brought, leaving the inhabitants of the land victorious.”

America is a fallen nation yet it can be saved, a beacon of freedom if only we arise to the occasion and defend liberty against the forces of evil. Like Arjuna, we must fight our own, for good to exist the bad must be driven from the nation. The revolution will be a real civil war, a war for the hearts and minds of those fallen. The problem, the big problem, is that the good doesn’t understand who is the bad, they are caught up in the delusions of myth and state and lost in mindless consumerism. The corporate owned television instructs us to buy, eat, drink, consume, then repeat endlessly until you are so bloated and so putrefied that you are barely conscious of yourself as a divine being.

The American people are slowly awakening, painfully slow,  from Waco and Ruby Ridge to Sandy Hook and Boston, not much of a response – yet. They must be wondering what its going to take to get us to fight. Give them a few more minutes, they’re still choking down that bag of burgers. We aren’t going to fight until the rug is pulled out from under us and we lose everything, when our villages are burned to the ground then we will find resolve. Damn it! Now they went to far, they burned down my 5500 ft2 bungalow.

Why We Fight and Who is the Enemy

We fight to define who we are, we fight to purify ourselves from corruption, we fight to defend our personal integrity as human beings from being degraded and ruled by criminal psychopathic minds. Tyranny is a process of how the corrupt offend the moral with their dastardly acts. The fight is the purification process, it doesn’t happen overnight, the revolution is a spiritual process of redemption. The situation will get worse and worse, the outrages worse and worse, the injustice worse and worse, the unjustified murders, drugging, and incarcerations worse and worse until a certain point where you have to act. They are pushing you and testing you. That is why it gets worse and worse – the Universe is egging you to act. Think I’m kidding? How ludicrous they are, they are like little children testing the patience of their parents. The lack of intellectual maturity in America is outstanding, everyone lies and think that’s ok. America is a nation of false flagging liars.

The usual suspects are the obvious enemy, Zionist traitors, Neocons, dual citizens loyal to foreign states, AIPAC lobbyists, etc. The not so obvious enemy is why we lost our nation. Zionists are only the tip of a much larger cancer, much of the nation has been subverted to collectivist notion of state worship, the state and its power has become “god” and that grates against the human spirit which is autonomous. Humans, by their nature, are against being slaves. A huge number of people worship power and statism over freedom and liberty. Many of these people go to church and believe in a malevolent foreign-alien mind as god.

The sad fact that the United States military is a mercenary force of financial power, the US military invades foreign lands as an aggressor, and does this on false pretense based on engineered false flags. The situation is completely disgusting, the entire war machine is being activated by lies piled upon lies, it is repugnant to living beings, the antithesis of life. A major part of the demoralization process is using the military unjustly. Those that signup and forced to fight so regret their situation they often commit suicide and are abandoned or drugged by the system, and become enemies of the state upon repatriation. No one commits suicide fighting for a just cause like the freedom of your own nation. The Afghan freedom fighters are not committing suicide, even though they are outgunned fighting an invading empire with superior weapons.

Have no fear, choose a side, it is all good. This will be the good war because for the first time since the American Revolution we will be fighting for a just cause, our freedom and redemption. We fight for the love of our nation, not for the cesspool that it has become but for what it can be. We fight to be real, real men and loving human beings. The current ruling class is a bunch of warmongering psychopathic criminals, they are not human, and they have to go. Let us help them on their journey to their next life. They are in a sense giving of their lives for your soul’s experience so bless them as you send them on their way back to wherever souls go.

Wealth and privilege are the eternal enemy of freedom. Often those will wealth will be the last to join, if at all. They have money and don’t want to lose it, they actually don’t care who rules, so long as they can keep their money. Businessmen are typically the worst, they have absolutely no loyalty to principles, they are loyal to money and never want to spoil the sale. America has been seduced by the materium, she lost her soul in the consumeristic society. What good are the so-called ‘material blessings’ if you have no freedom? In every revolution the old guard, hoarding its wealth, does nothing, while the dispossessed and impoverished organize. Revolutionary actors often own nothing and have to move around to survive. The rebellion is a rebellion against illegitimate authority. Whether its King George or King Zion, the problem is still the same, those that claim authority are viewed as unjust or not doing their job or acting outside of their charter. Zionism is official malfeasance, all human beings should rebel against it and it has no home in America except within certain segments within Christianity that love state violence and who wish destruction and ruin of others. The Zionist philosophy is the source of America’s wars and its virus has infected many.

Keep good attitude and maintain your body. Act positively. Act. Do something for the cause. No one needs to join the military to be a warrior, they can start their training in their own back yard. Young men that want to fight can start immediately by getting a gun and learning to how to shoot precisely. The most important aspect of this fight is sharp shooting. We don’t have unlimited ammunition, the shooters need to know how to connect with the target and be the bullet and put the round downrange exactly where they intend it. We need lots of good shooters, America is loaded with Zionist targets of opportunity, the hunting forecast this season is very good.

The Flow, Dharma, the Way Things Evolve

There is a definite pattern to revolutions, they don’t just pop up out of nowhere. Certain conditions need to exist for one to happen, those conditions are now met. The government only exists to serve the people, our current government does not govern, it is a criminal cabal looting the nation, performing false flags, attacking the people and their rights, therefore it is illegitimate and must go. The current government is belligerent and murderous and has no intention of changing, thus a revolution at this point is moral and necessary.

Tyranny can only exist when the government acts outside of its charter, its use of force arbitrary and exceeds its boundaries. Once the state is able to behave tyrannical, its lust and desire self-consumes and goes out of anyone’s control. Tyranny becomes its own monster, a consciousness unto itself, the bad genie out of the bottle with new found freedom to impose the arbitrary will of the state of anyone who can direct it.

Be aware of naysayers, those that exhibit a defeatist attitude and are vocal. They are voicing there own limitations and lack of resolve, and they don’t understand the dharmic process. Civilizations wax, top off and wane, become corrupt, then are thrown into chaos and revolution. It seems to be an inevitable cycle, and we are near the last stage. The revolution is never a lost cause, it is the prime correction of a society gone bad. No matter how improbable, the outcome is inevitable because the Universe is organized to correct itself. Each person evolves during revolution, the revolution is your evolution. The institutions also evolve, things change for the better, the society morphs, civilization evolves to higher consciousness.

Christianity is the practice of subservience, that is not good for free men. America is a Christian nation and it fell because of their inability to recognize the Jewish-Zionist enemy within. Christians are taught that they are sinners and must repent to an authoritarian god. They are slaved to authority, the entire idea about being a Christian is to be a good obedient tax paying slave who believes just as the Roman authors intended. They can not be counted on until they are deprogrammed the are most of them support the evil state. If you are praying to an authoritarian god and hoping for freedom, well, good luck with that strategy. Part of this revolution is the evolution of Christianity which is way off course, in fact it is so far off course that Christianity is mortally damaged.

Idealism is an expression of the Soul

Slogans of the first revolution “All men are created equal”, “victory or death”, “join or die” are high sounding ideals, the reason this appeals is because a human being isn’t just a collection of carbon atoms, that is only the shell of that which animates that being. Some call that a soul, others the animating life force, call it what you want but you are aware of it because it is the real you, not the carbon-hydrogen exoskeleton. That is the current theory of the soul meme generally accepted by most religions and philosophers.

You, the spirit being, is having and experience in the DNA lifeform shell. You are a free being but in bondage during the material incarnation, those in control of the materium, the evil banksters and businessmen are attempting to enslave you. This is why you are motivated to fight because you know that you are free, in modern times this slavery is debt slavery and control by elites is wrong. The banksters are a criminal class of materialists, they lack connection to spirit and thus many do occult rituals in a vain attempt to connect to what they have cut themselves off from from their karmic acts.

Iceland is the first state to oust the parasites, they said no to the bank bailout and ended their debt slavery. Debts are contracts, if they are made under a fraudulent system like we have now, they are null and void, no one is required to pay. Iceland forgave all mortgage contracts, that was the smart thing to do, it was the moral thing to do.

This obsession with the material realm is quite apparent in the mainstream, Jewish owned media, which broadcasts nonstop vanity of the stars and other unimportant lost souls interspersed with commercials of stupid insane products for you to consume, as if you were an insatiable pig unconsciously munching on every piece of slop throw in front of of you.

A million patriots are ready to fight, they are standing by for orders. Ten million more are thinking about it, once the fight starts and the opening shots are heard around the world, millions will find resolve and join in the fight. Millions of unemployed are waiting for leadership, they are waiting to do something that will help. Trust the people and trust the flow, you will get all the help you need.

There are plenty of guns, ammo, and camo, there are plenty of men waiting in the wings for the opening salvo, what there lacks is the rally point. Much of the resistance comes from the system that has managed to stay afloat, the dead horse has yet to fall. Once Americans lose everything, they will gladly fight. We haven’t lost everything yet. We will have our Republic back, but how should we change it? How should the Amendments be written, so this time they don’t fail? How should we organize the state so next time usurpers are unable to corrupt it so easily?

The Zionist tribe is a gang of thieves that has come into your town and looted everything in sight. Take note that the hundred year charter of the Federal Reserve is up this December. They are acting like there is no tomorrow because maybe they have an ace up their sleeve. They’ve loaded their wagons, stolen trillions since the 2007-8 meltdown, and when they roll out of town they will set it on fire, confusing the residents and giving themselves cover as they flee. Think EMP false flag done under the cover of a purported solar flare. With a flick of the switch they turn the lights out and then who know what happened, without electricity there would be complaints or ability to complain.  At that point you would know you’ve been had by the master thief.  That would be good, the revolution would be on.

National Disgrace


The Jews, for all intensive purposes, control Western Democracies, and anyone can see how degenerate the modern state has become under Jewish rule.  There is a definitive reason for this, the Jew has a corrupt domineering soul, and finds it impossible to treat others fairly.   But their is an even more fundamental reason for Jewish control besides the inherent Jewish personality, it is the state the Jew created with his holy book.

hebrew phallus cult

When the Jew gets political power, his corrupt tendencies are now married to the monopolistic use of force that the state wields, and the result has been catastrophic for the Western world.  The primary problem is with the state itself and with the Jews in control of the state the destruction that the Jew wields has reached and Apocalyptic proportion.  The Jewish controlled state is a deadly force consuming the world.

The Jew is the master of despotism, Jewish supremacists are experts on the use of the state for negative purposes.  The Jew achieved this power by first establishing god as the supreme authority then the Jew claimed special status in relation to this god and thus gained authoritarian rule.  God ordains the state and picked the Jews as his emissaries so says the Jewish written holy book.

sacred menorah-is-a-donkey-penis

It is a supreme mistake of mankind to believe in the Jewish chosenness or his god, the establishment of external authority, and the creature of the holy text: the state. The state is the great destroyer of humankind, governments have killed more people than any tyrant or mass murderer. The state has authority over legally disarmed citizens and the most ruthless psychopaths are attracted to this ultimate power.

The Jews have established a state based on their ego, governments are vindictive just like their god which was cast in their ego. Because so many people believe in the authority of god this meme has been translated to authority of the state.  Thus the Jews have the power to use the state to achieve their ends, which is to destroy or subjugate everything.  With the god meme the Jews managed to gain control of western democracies and now these states are the components of the beast of Revelation.


What no one knows or wants to admit is that Judaism is Jewish statism.  There is no god which cares about getting authority over you, it is only the priest that wants to control.  The Jews have established this fictional entity of an external authority in your mind with the god meme, this unproven external deity that is supreme to self.  The result has been catastrophic, the state is now the biggest killer on the planet.

The state is out of control and organizing people to build weapons of mass destruction and wage endless ever more destructive war.  The state is the beast of Revelation.  The states built from the external authority meme as presented in the Jewish written holy book is the monster devouring the earth.  The heads of the beast is symbolic of individual nations, the horns the individual rulers, and they are all one thing, the beast.


When discussing the use of state to control by the use of force, the general term statism is used to describe the despotic use of force.  What is statism?  To answer that think about what the state really is:  the state is simply a group with a monopoly on the use of force.  The state is a gang, and when the gang uses force arbitrarily, violating individual rights then that is statism.  According to Ayn Rand, who concretely defined the term, statism is:

“A statist system—whether of a communist, fascist, Nazi, socialist or “welfare” type—is based on the . . . government’s unlimited power, which means: on the rule of brute force. The differences among statist systems are only a matter of time and degree; the principle is the same. Under statism, the government is not a policeman, but a legalized criminal that holds the power to use physical force in any manner and for any purpose it pleases against legally disarmed, defenseless victims.”

The Jewish World Order is the statist world system of Jewish despotic rule.  The western nations are the body of the beast, the Jews control all the individual heads (nations) and horns(leaders) of the beast system.  The Jews are an organized crime syndicate, manipulating the political system to commit huge crimes (like 911, Sandy Hook, Fukushima) against the people, they get away with it because they control the media and the legal system where they do the crimes in high density Jewish populated areas like New York City.  This Jewish political order, the New World Order as some call it, is the Jewish controlled statist system of tyranny..


The Jewess Ayn Rand failed to see the Jewish connection to statism, like most Jews she tended to defend her race and Israel whenever she could.  She never wrote about the religious connection to her outspoken commentary on collectivism – it is the Jew who invented the unlimited state with his imagined overbearing God Yahweh.  All must obey my God, the only God, and those who are not of my God must be wiped out.  Monotheism is the original source of fascism or statism, the use of government force to align everyone with the will of the state.

Statism is sourced in the Old Testament, theological fascism caused by monotheistic belief.  Think about the tale of the flood myth in Genesis, Yahweh kills everyone except his chosen one Noah and his family.  This exclusionism is the essential theme of the Old Testament.  Obey me or else sayeth the Lord.  The grotesque orders of an omnipotent being who wipes out humanity in fits of wrath is the source of state power and vengeance being loosed on the world..  This god doesn’t exist, but state omnipotence and the priest’s wrath do exist, and that is the real problem with the world.


Most Christians have yet to realize that the chosen status of the Jews is a self chosen status, since they wrote the myth making them superior to all.  That’s pretty convenient.  When you believe it, it becomes true, when you believe the Jew superior, he becomes your superior.  Since most of the citizen slave subscribe to Christianity, they have voluntarily submitted to Jewish rule because of their faith.  Christianity is how you hand the Jew your authority, give Jewry your power, and self destruct.

This slavery of the west is voluntary, or at least is was voluntary until now, when it is now mandatory under the Jew total state.  Try not paying your taxes to the Jewish owned IRS.  So what Christians have done is an unpardonable sin, they have delivered all the Western nations into the clutches of the Jewish World Order.  For this they deserve death, for the penalty of treason to the human soul is death.  By agreeing to the Jewish evil projection of Yahweh as love, the Christians have destroyed their very souls and the nations they inhabit.

While in the deep trance of faith, Christian nations were assimilated into a Jewish monolith of power.  Now it’s to late to reverse course, we are fully cooked boiled frogs, the pot the Jew is cooking us is at a roiling boil and we still are duped!  We are already dead but don’t know it yet, we are obsessed with vampire and Zombie flicks and pretend to be against those dead when it is a metaphor for us!

The Jew is currently letting loose the Apocalyptic Horseman of plagues and war onto the world, all the while Evangelist tell themselves prophecy is being fulfilled, their faith renewed by the disaster of Jewish rule.  Evangelists are completely insane!  Self fulfilling prophecy of doom is coming true because Christians are making sure it comes true to prove to everyone that they are not legally insane.  But they are, we create our reality and what Christians are really doing is playing a game of willful ignorance while everything goes to straight to hell

The Jew is a menace to the world, and Christians are their little demon helpers.  America helps Israel because the voting base is 80% Christian, many who worship Israel.  Many nations have banned Jews from the political process or even from voting, since after hosting the parasite for awhile they learned the hard lesson that every nation learns, never let even one Jew through the door, never let any Jews into your nation because it will be your downfall.

You absolutely can not let the Jew into your political system, the result is chaos as the Jew only works to further the interest of his tribe to the detriment of the citizens.  The Jews are their own nation, their loyalty is to the tribe even more so than Israel.  Jews can flee Israeli madness but they will always be part of the wandering tribe.  All Jews are loyal to their nation first no matter where they reside.


The self obsessed Jew, in love with his own image cast upon the fictional deity Yahweh, is selfish in his chosenness, self absorbed into his own victimhood of the Holocaust Myth.  The Jew takes this Jew bashing seriously because it is how he gets power over you, you are taught that the Jew is a victim and his persecution is unjustified.  The Jew is taught that he is persecuted for disobeying Yahweh and that his endless persecution is proof that his Holy Books are true.  The Jew believes that they are God’s representative on earth and their persecution comes from the eternal wickedness of men,not from their own acts.

The exact opposite is the reality, the Jew is eternally wicked but can’t see it because of his narcissism.  Jews manage to invert reality to their benefit, their persecution, completely justified by their behavior is turned into a faith enhancing concept.  Is that total lunacy?  You bet, the Jew is completely off his rocker with his self chosen status, Holocaust fakery, 911, false flags, genocide, and telling of the Big Lie.

Jewish control of nation states is now being outed, every bit of trickery and deceit is being exposed while they wax their eternal hate on the world.  Less and less people are believing the Jew anymore, the poor Jew has cried wolf to many times. Even though the Holocaust card is still being played, it is wearing thin, people are becoming less sympathetic to the imagined Jewish suffering because they are suffering themselves from Jewish control.  As we suffer the Jewish rulers offer collectivism memes, they have mastered control of social justice and political correctness.

The New Age concept of self caused fate is gaining prominence as more people accept individual responsibility for the state of the world, it is only a matter of time before humans wrap their minds around the Jewish and his state problem.  We all create our own reality, thus it can be seen that Jewish persecution is caused by the actions of the Jew.  The Jews are justly reaping their own Karmic acts of aggression against the Goyim.  They can’t stop, because the Jew is taught only how to be a parasite and survives by predation on the productive.

So the fate of Amerika is grim, the Jew is starting the big Bolshevik like crackdown, and he will continue destroying and wrecking America until someone organizes the people to stop this Jewish madness.  You have to understand the Jew can not stop what he is doing, you must take action to stop these criminals.  The very first thing anyone can do is overcome the spell and stop believing in the Jewish construct of reality.


What no one knows or wants to admit is that Jewish theology is statism.  What you must realize that the “state” is a mental construct of the Jew.  The idea of the collective making laws that all must follow is a very Jewish concept that goes way back to antiquity, where educated Jews formed theocracy based on religious law.  In order to sell this state-law concept, they adopted-invented the Moses story-myth in which you are taught that God-Yahweh handed to the Jew-Moses the Law-Authority.

Moses didn’t exist anymore than Yahweh or Jesus.  These are fictional characters in a story that gets you to voluntarily submit to external authority and rule by those that oppose your very breath.  With God, the Jew got authority to rule over you. So it is true, “god” gave the Jew the wealth of the world.  But that is not the honest way of saying it, it should be said that with the “god concept” the Jew was able to swindle the world.

Individual Sovereignty

You are taught that God is sovereign and you are to obey God.  This is the great ruse of the state, getting your obedience with the god meme.  With “God” the Jews took the world, they were able to take control of the political process and kill your sons in foreign wars of Jewish aggression.  No one doubts that now, Israel did 911, New York Jews covered it up, the Gulf Wars were Jewish Wars on Muslims fought by Americans.

How many more years of Middle East wars are you willing to endure for the Jew?  How many more sons of Liberty must die for Israel?  They will never stop killing Arabs, so what we must do is deal with Jewish control.  The solution to the Jew problem is obvious, the solution is the final solution, all Jews must be removed from state and then prosecuted as war criminals.


If you want to be free of Jewish control you must doff the myth and put those that teach the obedience to the state, burn the holy books, destroy the temples in which the mental poison is taught.  It’s very simple, all Jews and their whores must be dealt with.  In order to be free of the Jew, and forever grant freedom to your offspring, then you must kill the mental construct of Yahweh.  Yahweh is the enemy of all that breathes, all that with a pulse, all that lusts for living is the eternal enemy of the Jewish God.


Virulent Nationalism Coming to Amerika


America has been taken over and subverted by Jews.  America has been trance-formed into police state Amerika.  Amerika is the corrupt Jewish controlled society that is just like Weimar Germany before Hitler. As Titanic Amerika sinks from the excessive debts, regulations, internal police state policies, external wars of aggression the nation will be forced to save itself from oblivion by turning to a charismatic nationalistic leader.


As Amerika collapses the people are going to react to the loss of jobs and corruption, they will look to an alpha male or strong leader.  The nation will be re-organized during the chaotic period into a militaristic national socialist society.  This is coming and is inevitable as Americans wake up to the Jewish problem.  Trump’s “America first” meme is only the start of this new trend.  America is going down and the new trend will be to turn inward and save the nation.

But is Trump the new Hitler?  I don’t know but my guess he may be too early, things are not bad enough yet.  Looking at the current deterioration of the early Trump administration, the Saker says Trump is more like Yanukovich than Putin.  In other words Trump is a business man, a man who gets along with the money men and he is not the charismatic alpha male needed that leads the nation out of the Jewish shithole.  Flynn’s resignation probably means Donald Trump just got his balls cut off, he’s a castrated and lame pragmatist, the lukewarm pretender of Napoleon.

Whether Trump lacks brains, spine, or balls is anyone’s guess, but it is now painfully clear that he has much more in common with Yanukovich then with Putin.


The only way Trump can be a great leader is to ramp up the infighting to nuclear war and start arresting and or killing his opposition in Congress and the deep state.  He must seize power by removing Jews from power.   The state is force, nice guy policies don’t work during desperate times.  The state is organized violence against the individual, and the only way Trump can survive is organize this violence and force against the murderous Jewish deep state.

But is that going to happen to a pragmatic art-of-the-deal billionaire real estate developer?  No.  To be great you must do what is necessary to win and take your place in history.  Trump is no Hitler.  Trump is not organizing his country against the Jews, Trump doesn’t have the right stuff to do this, Trump doesn’t have the intellectual knowledge, stomach, and spine to do what is necessary to save America from Jewish predation.


The spoiled frat boy was no match for the politics of the deep state and many are announcing that the Trump administration will be totally whored to the Jewish Neocon Zionist policies of total war on the world.  That is not good, that means that more war is coming, that means that the Apocalypse in the Middle East is going to be ramped up again and the second half played out.  What it looks like is that Donald Trump is being forced to knuckle under to Bibi Netanyahu and his moles in the United States.

the nations subverted by zionism have high jewish populations


The problem with Amerika is worse than you think, subversive Jews not only hold top positions in state but Jewish ideals are deeply embedded in the American Hebraic culture.  Even worse is that Jews are spiritually protected by the Christian Biblical culture that binds the Gentiles to God’s people that blinds Americans to the reality of a Jewish deep state.


How did the Jews, a mere 2% of the population, conquer America?  The dominant religion of America, Christianity, binds the adherents to the ‘self-chosen-holier-than-thou’ ones. No matter what evil the Jews do to America, like 9112001, many Christians are unable to grasp without their belief system being seriously challenged.  Amerika is a conquered nation just like Palestine and it is only a matter of time before she is treated like Palestine.

For most Christians, particularly the Evangelicals, the Jews are God’s chosen minions. And for God’s people to do evil means that God is doing evil. Christians can not accept that Jews can do evil, so they believe the lie that Jews are the eternal victims of a world that hates godly Jews. Christians are seriously spellbound, the Jews are actually in the same category as God.

christians-confused-about-911 because of their faith

Jews hold top positions in the shadow black government, they infest Wall Street and Hollywood and the Main Stream Media and most Americans don’t care.  Jews even infest most of the Christian religious denominations, they obviously control the Catholic Pope who defends the Holocaust and Global Warming.  Jews are embedded in Western civilization, which is in reality a Jewish converted culture.

Try to convince an Evangelical that Israel did 911 then watch their reaction, they can not emotionally grasp that if the Jews did 911 then they can’t have a special chosen status with God. For many Christians it is simply impossible that Israel did 911, to admit that would unravel their belief system. No matter what, the Christian will side with the Jew even if it means the Jew is committing acts of terror that destroys the Christian society.


The spell is so strong and will require further “punishments” (or as the Christians misname “judgments”) in order to break it. The Jews will raze and burn America to the ground and Christians will loudly proclaim that God is judging America and then give lame rationalizations like homosexuality or abortion as the cause. They can not see that it the Jews, not “God”, that is doing the destroying. America will be leveled long before the brain dead Christian sheep ever figure out their situation.

Christians are in denial and this denial is what keeps Kosher Alex Jonestown in business.  The situation will have to get much worse before Amerika wakes up and smells the Talmud rotting the body politic.  Jews are embedded in the state, culture, and religion.  Jews not only infest Amerika, they are parasitic race draining America of her life force and turning her into a dried up old whore who will be worth nothing to anyone.  If Amerika won’t attack Iran then what use does Satanyahu have for his whore?


As America wakes up the Jews will turn on America and destroy her. Thus we are at the point of revolution, we have to wake up for survival, and as we do the Jews will have their Department of Homeland Security national Jewish protective team waiting. Christian society will be literally burned into a smoldering heap as the revolution commences because the patriot rebels will soon learn that these Christians are also the sycophantic allies of the traitorous Jews.

What I see are American Christians being herded into their Jewish temples (i.e. churches) and burn alive just like the Russian Revolution.  The way the mind parasite will be evicted is with flame, the fever of Jewish spellbinding will be burned out of society because that is what must happen for our nation to survive.  The situation will become more gruesome than anyone can imagine, we have no idea what is coming.  Americans will be forced to face the truth and the reaction could be bloodier than the Civil War.

americans are like john-wick

You must be like John Wick under assault and kill them all.  Men must become virulent persuaders of moral justice, hot women must support their warriors as society re-organizes itself by pulling it’s head out of it’s ass and start doing something about the Jewish problem.  Americans must stop injuring themselves in Jewish wars of conquest and start fighting the Jews and not be their attack dogs.

Look at what they have pulled off thus far, they did 911 and then got us to attack their enemies that has lead to a police state that they control. Nearly all of the DHS grant money goes to Jewish organizations and much of that money goes to fortify Synagogues! The Jews know what is coming and they are already digging in while most Americans have not a clue about the approaching revolution.


I am rededicating this blog to all those who want to live, all those rational thinking persons who love liberty and freedom and are willing to fight for it.  I dedicate this blog to the young men and their woman who are dedicated to our cause of a just society – a Jewish free system based on love and reason and not Jewish ideals or any of the Abrahamic religions.  I dedicate this blog to the life force and those that realize that in order for life to exist the evil must be purged.


America’s Grim Future

In the previous essay I examine the current manifesting Third Peril of George Washington’s famous vision during the winter of 1777 at Valley Forge.  Many of you believe in this prophecy and many of you don’t, I myself have many incredible dreams and visions (of much lesser value than this one) and so I have a tendency to believe in them when they sound credible to me.

I see dreams as energy manifesting, some people have the ability to tune in to it, having the right vibration is critical to reception of that energy – and all energy has information embedded in it.  I do not assign a religious value to the source of the energy, I would never say god or angels, but I might say spirit.  The reason is simple, the holographic matrix doesn’t care what you believe with your ego-mind.

What makes a credible vision?  It has a particular soul felt vibration to it, like you “know” it is information from the great beyond.  Most information is from the human mind, it is rational and logical, but when information comes in at the soul level, it may seem incredible yet it will feel right.  George Washington’s vision has that credible flavor of authenticity, and the first two perils have already come true – the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.  So is it even possible for the Third Peril to happen?

We are witnessing an epic change in world power in the current crisis in Syria – the previous unipolar world of Zionist intervention has now met resistance of another superpower – Russia.   I have declared Vladimir Putin the new Caesar based on the simple observation that he is a man of reason commanding a huge military force putting down the Jewish rebellion – just like in 66 AD when Vespasian Flavian was assigned the task of crushing Jew Zealots who took control of Judea.

Likewise, 2,000 years later, the Jews are at it again, tearing up the Middle East with their new state of Israhell.  All of the nations surrounding Israel are in ruins, and the only reason why little Israel can do this is because America backs Israel all the way.  Americans are very sympathetic to Israel and most of them can not hear the words “Israel did 911” nor can they admit that the civil war in Syria was created by US-Israel as part of the ‘Destabilization Template’.

Western Leaders Feign Sympathy for a Crisis They Instigated & Intensified

The United States is funding the Jewish terrorist state of Israel, the US supplies all of the bombs and aircraft, it blocks all anti-Israel resolutions in the United Nations.  The world is powerless to stop the rise of the WORLD BEAST STATE so long as supremacist Jews have America in the pocket.  There is the pathological desire to destroy deep with in the Anglo-Saxon-Judaic collective mind, caused by (in my opinion) indoctrination into the Jew hell book everyone else calls holy.





The Jew god construct is the fundamental mythological source of the destructive philosophy driving the West to do what it is doing to Syria and the rest of the Middle Eastern states.  Call it Satanism if you want, Satan is just another character in the demented Jewish construct of God.  The devil is in the words of the book, when you believe the Holy Bible as your core truth you will act like Yahweh – which is a far worse actor than Satan.

Calling the evil Bush family Satanic is a misnomer, the evil Neocons are acting just like Yahweh, they are Yahwehic – not Satanic.  But no one is ever going to get the nomenclature right, so we are stuck calling evil Satanic, even though God created Satan, thus God and Satan are one in the same.  There is no separating the creation from the creator is mythology or reality.  If you build a bad robot then who is to blame?

What believers will never figure out, like the fish in water will never discover water, is that the holy waters of the Bible have programmed you to do evil in the name of doing good.  The Christian apologist, hanging onto the Bible for dear life during the Tribulation, has no idea that supporting the state, the courts, the authority is the problem.  By holding the Bible viewpoint of hierarchical power and top down god-king-subjugation, they are feeding the end times beast – the state.





Jim Stone weighs in on this historic loss of credibility of the United States now that everyone knows that ISIS was a front for the CIA and Israel.

Commentary on Russia, China, “ISIS”

Now that Russia knows beyond all doubt that America was in fact ISIS, and that ISIS was in fact nothing but a front for the CIA, and that “Islamic terror” itself is just a front for the CIA, they are telling a large alliance of old satellite nations to harden their borders “against terrorists” openly, and “against the CIA, because the CIA is the terrorist” behind closed doors. Not really closed doors, I’d say it is more like half cracked open doors anyone can sit outside of, with no cover music or rumblers to prevent anyone from hearing what is being said inside . . . . .

Yesterday, (the 18th) Russia revealed that large numbers civilian factories and businesses, wholly owned by civilians, were bombed to smithereens by “someone with aircraft”. And these businesses had nothing to do with war or anything of the sort. They proved that the damage signatures which “erased” the businesses could not possibly have come from any sort of ground assault, only direct aggression from the air. They proved that Syria and Assad did not do it, and then asked the question “Who has been flying aircraft in this area, to do so much damage to civilian infrastructure?” And there are only two possibilities, America and Israel. In one fell swoop, Russia proved in front of the world that America was not in Syria to do anything against ISIS at all, America was in fact in Syria to destroy as much of the nation as possible. And that does not look good.

This opens up a huge can of worms then. It proves America lied about everything. And if ISIS really is CIA, and ISIS destroyed antiquities (as reported previously many times), it means America was in Syria destroying antiquities just for a cheap psy op. This can of worms is SO HUGE it could infect an entire kennel, with the American people being the unwitting dogs taking the hit. Clearly no American would want to have the government intentionally wiping out ancient historical sites, but that makes little difference. America is at least on it’s face a “democracy”, which means the American people are responsible for it all, just like anyone who falls asleep at the wheel while driving is responsible for any unwanted disaster that results . . . . . .

Russia’s entry into the Levant and air bombing campaign is the pivot point in history – the mighty Anglo-Saxon-Jewish-Imperial Empire has been defeated by Putin.  What happens next is not pretty – you can hear the sucking sound in the South China Sea – the Empire is going to collapse inward like the Titanic going down a giant whirlpool.


The world now sees us as evil liars, intentionally destroying their cultures pathologically all the while claiming to be the omnipotent good guy.  This is important information as to the motivation of why the world comes across the oceans to destroy us in George Washington’s Third Peril – the nations that attack us have to be motivated to come over here – and they will probably do it when we are down, unable to stop them.

The world is going to gang up against America and Israel – they are done with our meddling.  Uncle Sam can go home with his tail between his legs, but they are coming after us and with good reasons.  Amerika the police state is already in the pit of Talmudic darkness, but it is going to get much worse.  What could happen is a Western debt implosive, a huge economic collapse, the defeat of Israel in the Middle East, the rise of an Islamic super state, followed by waves of fighters coming here to pay us back.

Hard to believe, right?  But why do we doubt a grim future?  It’s called normalcy bias.  Americans are sitting clean on their continent – seemingly immune to all the destruction the military industrial complex is causing over there in some unpronounceable brown skinned nations.  America has fucked and fucked AND FUCKED with the world, some 55 million dead since the end of WW2, a quarter million in Syria in the last five years.

Payback is a bitch, get ready, we’ve been really fucked by Mr. Jew and his book.  You must fight for your survival and right to exist, unfortunately most will never figure out why any of this happened, like the fish in water, unable to detect the memetic indoctrination of the Holy Bible as the fundamental cause of our demise.

George Washington’s Vision Final Peril Now Manifesting

George Washington, son of the fledgling Republic, had a profound vision at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777, what he saw was three great perils to come, The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, and the final Great War to save the Republic when the entire world unites to defeat America.

At the end of the vision, he “felt that I had seen a vision wherein had been shown to me the birth, progress and destiny of the United States.”  Here is the Third Peril on forward text, my emphasis added:

“And again I heard the mysterious voice saying “Son of the Republic, look and learn.” At this the dark, shadowy angel placed a trumpet to his mouth, and blew three distinct blasts; and taking water from the ocean, he sprinkled it upon Europe, Asia and Africa. Then my eyes beheld a fearful scene: From each of these countries arose thick, black clouds that were soon joined into one. Throughout this mass there gleamed a dark red light by which I saw hordes of armed men, who, moving with the cloud, marched by land and sailed by sea to America. Our country was enveloped in this volume of cloud, and I saw these vast armies devastate the whole county and burn the villages, towns and cities that I beheld springing up. As my ears listened to the thundering of the cannon, clashing of sword, and the shouts and cries of millions in mortal combat, I heard again the mysterious voice saying, “Son of the Republic, look and learn” When the voice had ceased, the dark shadowy angel placed his trumpet once more to his mouth, and blew a long and fearful blast. “Instantly a light as of a thousand suns shone down from above me, and pierced and broke into fragments the dark cloud which enveloped America. At the same moment the angel upon whose head still shone the word Union, and who bore our national flag in one hand and a sword in the other, descended from the heavens attended by legions of white spirits. These immediately joined the inhabitants of America, who I perceived were will nigh overcome, but who immediately taking courage again, closed up their broken ranks and renewed the battle.

Again, amid the fearful noise of the conflict, I heard the mysterious voice saying, “Son of the Republic, look and learn.” As the voice ceased, the shadowy angel for the last time dipped water from the ocean and sprinkled it upon America. Instantly the dark cloud rolled back, together with the armies it had brought, leaving the inhabitants of the land victorious!

Then once more I beheld the villages, towns and cities springing up where I had seen them before, while the bright angel, planting the azure standard he had brought in the midst of them, cried with a loud voice: “While the stars remain, and the heavens send down dew upon the earth, so long shall the Union last.” And taking from his brow the crown on which blazoned the word “Union,” he placed it upon the Standard while the people, kneeling down, said, “Amen.”

The scene instantly began to fade and dissolve, and I at last saw nothing but the rising, curling vapor I at first beheld. This also disappearing, I found myself once more gazing upon the mysterious visitor, who, in the same voice I had heard before, said, “Son of the Republic, what you have seen is thus interpreted: Three great perils will come upon the Republic. The most fearful is the third, but in this greatest conflict the whole world united shall not prevail against her. Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land and the Union.” With these words the vision vanished, and I started from my seat and felt that I had seen a vision wherein had been shown to me the birth, progress, and destiny of the United States.”

When I first read this back over a decade ago I could not imagine what would motivate hordes of men from all over the world coming to America and burning down the towns.  What could possibly motivate people from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East to come here and do us in?  Big mystery until now.

Mystery solved.  America subverted by Jews and the Jewish holy book spun pro-Israel.  America owned by Rothschild and private banks, all the politicians whored to Jewish interests, endless wars in the Middle East, daily drone killings, murder by flying robots.  A Jewish owned media that tells nothing but lies, the farce of Presidential elections.  America has fallen.

Look who’s coming to Amerika?  ISIS.  American-Israel created terrorists are being shipped in by the Obama administration.  This is intentional malfeasance by the Jew.  Now the end game begins, when you have a nation run by traitors and deeply in debt with no solution to any problem, the state can only do one thing – turn on its citizens.

Now you should have no problem knowing why this is happening to us, I’ve spelled it out for you.  By reading this essay the black magic spells of the Jew has been broken in your mind.  America has fallen from Jewish subversion and  Israel is our enemy.  George Washington’s Third Peril mystery has been solved – America has fallen to Biblical belief in the chosen ones.  It’s time to come out of the Bible spell and start defending the nation from Jew predation, it is time to bomb Israel off the map.